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What Clients Say About Us
he TD Consulting Group's many clients love what TD does for them—the conscientiousness, the hard work, the attention to detail that inform every project. And these clients are not shy about letting others know how they feel about TD. Here are a few of their comments:

"Congratulations on your 20th Year celebration. It is quite an accomplishment for a company to not only survive for 20 years but also to thrive for 20 years—and a Hall of Fame award along the way, too! It is a tribute to the whole TD Consulting Group Team. You should be very proud of your success."

Michael Smith
Berkeley College

"Laura, thank you for the greatest two days of training my team has ever had. It was a pure pleasure to hear them talk about jumping out of their comfort zones and to witness their improved presentation skills every time they walked to the front of the room. Also, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me. What you taught in two days is invaluable. A magical learning experience."

Ken Wendling
Vice President, Warehouse Distribution Sales
Standard Motor Products

"The program was a huge hit and managers are all abuzz about it. In fact, our Chairman came in to congratulate me on organizing this. Thanks so much."

Joan Sternberg
Director of Human Resources
Cardiovascular Research Foundation

"TD Consulting Group customized our program, 'Excellence in Service,' to be included as part of our Management Development Program for university administrators. TD has been consistently easy to work with, dependable, and professional in all of our interactions. One thing I truly value about TD Consulting Group is their constant quest for improvement; they are never satisfied with `good enough.' They work hard to update programs in order to provide excellent service to their clients. It is no surprise that feedback from their sessions is always positive. I have recommended them to colleagues and will continue to do so without hesitation."

Susan Czuwak
Human Resources Training and Development
Hofstra University

"We could not have been more pleased with the Dynamic Presentations© program and certainly would not hesitate to recommend TD Consulting Group to anyone in need of presentation skills improvement. Barbara Brown is a terrific trainer and seminar leader with whom we were very impressed. Thanks, also, to your staff who helped us prepare everything beforehand — much appreciated."

Ricarda Lindner
Regional Manager, The Americas
German National Tourist Office

"Final evaluations show that TD Consulting Group's custom designed Leadership Development Program has not only been effective in introducing much-needed concepts, but also has been embraced as an integral part of the fabric of our company. Participants requested that we continue with advanced curriculums in the year ahead because of the confidence and self-assurance the original program produced."

Kenneth H. Montgomery
President and CEO
Pentegra Retirement Services


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