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Presentation Coaching:
One-on-one Presentation Skills for Executives
re your senior executives persuasive presenters? Do your high-potentials have the polish needed for public speaking? Can your key presenters command an audience and inspire them to action? If you've answered no to any of these questions, Presentation Coaching from TD Consulting Group may solve your problem. Think of this as individual public speaking training or presentation training. TD's clients hire us to take a discreet, personal approach to the goal of high-impact presentations by exploring each individual's unique presentation skills issues. TD's presentation coaches conduct a detailed evaluation of each presenter's strengths and areas for improvement. Executives' presentations are digitally recorded for immediate playback and critique. TD's presentation coach works side-by-side with the executive to teach critical elements of effective presentations necessary for the presenter's success. This arrangement permits immediate reinforcement of presentation improvements plus immediate correction of continuing problems.

"I wanted to get back with you to let you know the outcome of the presentation. I received positive feedback from my boss, our Chairman, and a number of Board members. They liked the open and candid discussion. Thanks for everything."

Senior Vice President
TD Fortune 50 Client


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