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Leadership Development:
Executive Leadership Coaching
orking one-on-one with an organization's top executives, TD's executive leadership coaches build leadership capacity. Our coaches are seasoned business executives in their own right who have chosen to guide others on a path to leadership excellence. TD takes on Executive Coaching assignments with individuals who have the capability, drive, and courage to lead. We look to our clients as our measure of success.

"As my executive coach, you helped me to improve my relationship with key staff and to get my head out of the fog to see a clearer vision of where our organization needed to go. Your keen listening and gentle, insightful questions naturally helped me to review the current state of affairs and to propel me forward.

"During one crisis point this year, you were ready and willing to offer advice, and be a part of the solution which led us to the next step. This helped in mending fences with the Board as well as key staff members.

"You've become a very valuable cabinet member who not only listens carefully to my issues and concerns, but helps discern important tactics and strategies. Your experience, organizational knowledge, and people skills are valuable to any sized business. I simply cannot thank you enough for all your assistance during this past year."

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