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Dynamic Presentations©:
Presentation Skills Training Workshop
ant to add pizzazz to your business presentation skills? Then TD Consulting Group's Dynamic Presentations© is the way to go. Participants report that the skills and techniques they acquire in this course boost their public speaking abilities by as much as 70 percent, enabling them to deliver complex information with self-assurance and clarity. How do TD presentation training experts make this happen? By establishing a supportive yet challenging learning environment, by working with small groups, and by providing multiple practice opportunities—some of which are digitally recorded. During this two-day presentation training, participants get feedback from the lead instructor, workshop colleagues, and a presentation coach. This approach gives participants valuable insight into the practicalities of successful, effective presentations—how to overcome nervousness, how to think on their feet, how to project confidence, how to improve voice effectiveness, how to use body language and eye contact to advantage, and how to develop high-impact Power Point presentations. [Dynamic Presentations© Course Outline]

"Thank you and everyone at TD Consulting for a great program! The Dynamic Presentations workshop was a great success. All our participants felt it was a wonderful learning experience. The program instructor provided clear information, numerous suggestions and options, and modeled everything. Her energy and enthusiasm for her subject was inspiring. And her positive attitude and sensitive feedback was reassuring, especially for those who were so intimidated by public speaking. We improved both our skills and our confidence. Thank you!"

Regina Golia, Ed.D.
Manager, Training & Staff Development
Columbia University Libraries and Information Services


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