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Customer Service Overview:
Customer Service Training and Consulting
ot so long ago, customer service was a little like the weather: Everybody complained about it, but nobody did anything about it. Now that picture is changing—and TD Consulting Group is promoting the change. With its signature Customer Service Strategy Model©, TD for years has helped organizations of all sizes and types to create customer-focused cultures that distinguish them from their competitors, and contribute in measurable ways to their success. The customer service training and strategies employed by TD derive from years of customer service experience, and have been applied across a wide range of organizational models—with unvarying success. This success has been founded, time and again, on a company's hard-headed business decision to gain customer loyalty by delivering customer satisfaction. These are firms that have come to share TD's view that an organization usually gets only one opportunity to make a bad impression—but with world-class quality customer service, it wins many opportunities to make a great one.


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