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Leadership Designed to Fit:
Custom Executive Leadership Development Programs
eadership Designed to Fit© is a customized solution that fits your organization. It's a canvas upon which an organization's senior management and TD Consulting Group work together to trace a custom leadership development plan reflecting the firm's unique needs and desires. Designed to Fit© is a process that integrates the structural realities of the participating organization, and reflects its leadership skills. The product of this collaboration takes on a home-grown flavor—a branded plan blending itself into the long-term corporate consciousness, and becoming not a leadership training program but our own leadership program. Be the question one of succession planning, heightened top management performance, or whatever—Designed to Fit© can craft a cultural solution. This pays dividends when solid leadership principles are applied throughout the organization in alignment with its strategic vision.

"Yesterday, I received the 'President's Award' for my work on the Leadership Development Program. Our President said it is not often that people stop him in the halls and compliment him on something the SCA is doing. During this program many people came up to him to tell him how good the program was and to thank him for making it happen. I owe my award to the TD team. Thanks."

Marina Sgroi
former Manager Human Resources
New York City School Construction Authority


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