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TD Custom Writing Service:
Business Writing, Editing, and Communications Services
hat do you do when faced with writing projects that go beyond in-house capabilities? That's when you call TD Consulting Group. TD's Business Writing unit can deliver Custom Writing help that focuses the expertise of a professional business writer on your specialized communications projects. These might consist of employee policy and procedures manuals, technical publications, professional development guidebooks, health and safety manuals, or informational newsletters and brochures. Plus, a corporate writer's experience will bring with it consulting skills in related areas that you may need for project completion, such as an understanding of layout and a grasp of print production.

"As we started putting material together for FIT's HR policy manual, all of the voices sounded different and we found ourselves in a time-consuming editing nightmare. We spoke to TD Consulting Group and we were happy to learn that they had a service that could help us get our handbook in shape and distributed to our employees in a timely manner. The best part was that they had the HR and technical resources needed for such a project. The staff was diligent in following up; their insights and recommendations made it possible for us to get our policy manual complete and looking beautiful. The money spent was a great investment because it saved lots of manpower hours that allowed our staff to work on other initiatives in Human Resources. We highly recommend this service."

Margaret Hanrahan
Director of Employment and Training
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY


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