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Dynamic Writing 2©:
Advanced Business Writing Workshop
magine commanding your skills so well that business writing becomes not a worrisome chore, but a welcome challenge—one you know you can handle. This is what Dynamic Writing 2© by TD Consulting Group prepares you for. Participants leverage methods learned in TD's Dynamic Writing 1© course in ways that help them become stronger, faster writers. Working from a case study, DW-2 writers get repeated opportunities to apply essential business communication techniques—such as document definition, reader analysis, Compass Point development, document organization, information selection, and reader action generation. TD's business writing trainers focus on sharpening business writing style, with emphasis on active voice, clarity, conciseness, and brevity. Finally, course participants are shown an often-neglected key to writing success: How to evaluate, edit, enliven, and rewrite their own work. After the full-day course, each participant submits a personal writing sample and receives a 45-minute coaching session via telephone. With these tools in hand, DW-2 alumni stand ready to become more comfortable, complete, and convincing corporate writers. To inquire about Dynamic Writing 2©, click here. [Dynamic Writing 2© Course Outline]


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