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o you have high-value employees whose professional advancement has outpaced their business writing skills? Could their job performance benefit from in-depth help directed at improving how they write—so they can meet the requirements of their current, and future, positions in your organization? If your answer is yes, One-on-One Writer Coaching from TD Consulting Group may solve your problem. One-on-One takes a discreet, personal approach to the goal of better writing by exploring each individual's unique writing issues. TD business writing trainers conduct a detailed evaluation of an employee's written work. TD's writing coach, a published author and skilled editor, works side-by-side with the writer to teach critical elements of corporate writing necessary for the individual writer's success. This arrangement permits immediate reinforcement of writing improvements plus immediate correction of continuing problems.

"We were impressed at the accuracy and effectiveness with which TD Consulting Group's writing coach was able to identify the areas where our staff member needed support—based entirely on an evaluation of the individual's written work samples. The TD specialist crafted a highly individual, outcome-focused coaching plan that produced immediate improvement in our writer's work. At the same time, coach and writer enjoyed a good working relationship that allowed them to deal easily with any logistical details. In the end, we realized a great return on investment for both the organization and a highly valued employee. We will look to TD for writer coaching in the future."

Jacqueline Basile
Former Director, Human Resources
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, NY

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