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Business Writing Training Overview
f a central pillar of business success is persuasive communication, then the base of that pillar rests on clear and effective business writing. Because corporate writing is how business gets done—or not. Whether the goal is to prepare a report, a letter, a memo, an e-mail, or a proposal, to the extent that writing succeeds, business succeeds. It is not surprising, then, that TD Consulting Group's Business Writing courses and workshops are in such demand. After all, corporate HR specialists consistently identify deficient writing as a prime failing among new employment recruits. But the Business Writing solutions offered by TD writing trainers over the years have provided practical and proven remedies for the writing headaches suffered by so many organizations. Varying degrees of writer need can be addressed by TD writing training courses: Dynamic Writing 1© and Dynamic Writing 2©. Beyond that, there's One-on-One Writer Coaching. In addition, TD Consulting Group can help solve firms' specialty writing needs with its Custom Writing service.


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