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our organization has developed an ambitious corporate strategy. But you realize after announcing this blueprint that its vision is not taking hold within the company—that while you've done well at planning your work, you're being stymied at working your plan. Where do you turn? To the Strategy Implementation specialists at TD Consulting Group. They step in when the strategists step out, helping organizations to handle "the people side of business strategy."

Here is how this works. Say the board of a financial services firm hires a new CEO tasked with improving corporate results in short order. This executive arrives with a strategy but quickly recognizes that his business plan is incompatible with the organization he has inherited, owing to its rigid, authoritarian structure. "How will I ever get this into place?" he asks himself. His answer comes from the Strategy Implementation experts at TD Consulting Group. Working closely with the CEO and his executive team, they craft a plan to overcome structural and communication barriers to his strategy rollout. Among other things, this involves improving leadership skills, revising hiring profiles, and breaking down departmental "silos" so that employees are encouraged to "reach across the aisle" for help, information, and ideas for working toward strategic targets. At the same time, work progresses on writing corporate, division, and department goals that involve employees at all levels in working toward the organization's vision. Numerous other initiatives also are launched with the purpose of aligning the firm's resources with its goals, its people with its plan. The result? Three years into its collaboration with TD, the firm has experienced great progress in implementing its strategy—with both revenues and market share sharply increased.

So whether you need help with expansion, restructuring your organization, building a solid leadership team, succession planning, or changing the culture, strategy implementation from TD has the answer:

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