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About TD Consulting Group
he TD Consulting Group is an award-winning provider of performance solution, organizational development, and business training services whose record of sustained success is now in its second decade. TD's client list includes firms of all sizes, with operations stretching across the spectrum from financial services, to higher education, to pharmaceuticals, to non-profits, to health care. The reason they turn—and return—to TD Consulting Group is to get help with "the people side of business strategy." TD responds with custom-crafted or pre-designed interventions that have been shown to improve organizational performance, productivity, and profitability—providing attractive returns on investment. With its wide experience and broad mastery of pertinent disciplines including Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Customer Service Training and Leadership Development, TD's team of consultants and instructors treats each client as unique—delivering individual solutions to individual problems. TD Consulting Group has its headquarters in White Plains, NY. In 2002, it was inducted into the Westchester County Business Council Hall of Fame.


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